Are you currently running your business working with multiple vendors and order of service printing, from printers to web site developers? The hassle of tracking inventory, the stress of ensuring that orders are placed, overseeing complicated bookkeeping – and all while working with rigid deadlines – is a business practice of the past if your funeral home is using all-in-one software. This revolutionary software has been designed exclusively for the funeral home profession so you can be assured that every detail has been considered. All that is required from you are a few pieces of equipment and the willingness to learn a very simple software program that is installed on your in-house computer. The rewards you reap are invaluable.

With all-in-one funeral software you will streamline your business in a way that was once unfathomable. The breadth of products you can create goes far beyond simple letterhead and cards. You are now in command of ALL the ancillary products that truly create a memorable funeral service and

order of service printing. The funeral specific software enables you to create magnificent DVD tribute videos with photos, video clips and any one of over 500 themes to choose from to tell the story of your clients’ loved ones. Replete with music, professional effects such as synced transitions and pan/zoom features, these are quickly becoming one of the most requested products at funeral services.

The same software guides you easily through the development of a comprehensive portfolio of customizable funeral stationery. Whether your clients are looking for prayer cards, memorial folders, register books, acknowledgement cards, bookmarks, tri-fold programs or even funeral candles, the all-in-one software allows for complete personalization – quickly and easily. With multiple layout features and advanced editing options there is no better way to offer clients the best variety and finest design selections. The same holds true for digital signs which are electronic displays that present specific information such as the location, name and times of the service. With the ability to update frequently and easily, the cost savings are significant when compared to the printing and construction costs associated with static signage.

Another exceptional feature included in all-in-one software and order of service printing

Ideal for families widely dispersed across the country or overseas, you can broadcast funeral services globally with simultaneous streaming over 30 servers worldwide. Live and delayed streaming is a great convenience for out-of-town loved ones who can watch the service live or at a later time if necessary. The highest quality streaming guarantees that your online funeral service will be effortless and without glitches.

The all-in-one funeral software comes with 24/7 technical assistance, available at any time for any question. With your in-house computer, a printer, blank perforated stock, an HD camera, tripod, wireless microphone and USB video capture device, you can provide all the aforementioned products and services to your client families. If you have ever dreamed of reducing your vendor list, having full control over timelines and being able to offer the best in funeral service products and services, you can now make that dream a reality. All-in-one funeral software is all you need to assist your clients in planning a memorable and touching service.

Death is still a subject that no one really prepares for. Because of this, the bereaved family members are left having to go blindly about the funeral planning. Often the time is stressful and families are often forced to make very important decisions during this time. It’s not the most optimal time to make decisions since you may be under a great deal of stress and emotions but nevertheless, you will need to make them.

There are also some decisions about what type of print media to include. Print materials such as funeral service programs or funeral programs, prayer cards, and also thank you cards are smaller details that should not be overlooked. They are considered small items of detail but have a large effect. Even an expensive funeral casket is buried into the ground, never to be seen again. Unlike that, the printed materials for the memorial or funeral service are cherished and kept for many years as a symbolic memorial keepsake of the deceased.

It’s recommended that don’t skimp on this since it’s truly a keepsake item and you want to have a special tangible item to share with your family and friends after the death of your loved one. You’ll be glad you took the time to prepare it.